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The economic impact of the child care sector has a significant impact on New York City’s economy. According to 2004 report “Investing in New York City: An Economic Analysis of the Early Care and Education Sector,” it supported 10,000 small businesses; generated $1.9 billion dollars annually in NYC; enabled 313,000 parents to work outside the home enabling them to collectively earn more than $15.4 billion dollars; and employed 44,900 workers who earned $1.03 billion dollars per year, which in turn could be spent in the New York City economy.

The Child Care industry supports families and businesses and contributes to economic development overall. Public and private investments to strengthen the child care industry will not only improve the quality of life for children in NYC, but will also benefit the city economically and will prepare our future workforce. In light of these findings, NYCCR&R aims to integrate principles that protect and enable all children and parents in the area.

The New York City Child Care Resource & Referral Consortium:

  • Actively works to improve and increase access to a range of early learning programs including child care, Head Start, and Pre-K.

  • Is committed to improving the quality, availability, and affordability of child care in New York City.

  • Includes five culturally diverse organizations that are committed to promoting and supporting high quality, culturally competent early care and education services. We serve the needs of families, early care professionals, and the community-at-large by providing consultations, referrals, training, and technical assistance.

Child Development Support Corporation

The mission of CDSC is to provide programs that empower families by helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for successful living in today’s society.

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Chinese American Planning Council

CPC is committed to improving the quality of child care in New York City through public policy and community education. Parents, families and other child care advocates can play an important role in helping to shape how policy may effect change in the lives of children for New York.

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The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.

CHCF’s policy center is active on the local, state and national policy levels in advancing policies that strengthen Latino families and respond to the needs of the Latino communities. CHCF’s policy work is informed by its direct experiences in our services to Latino families.

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Day Care Council of New York, Inc.

During a weakened economy, it is important to recognize that investments in early childhood have both short and long term economic benefits for our state, its families, and current and future workforce. Legislators must focus on maintaining and enhancing services to vulnerable young children and their families.

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Child Care in NYC: An Analysis of Child Care Supply and Demand by Neighborhood

On February 24, 2010, the Consortium released a report assessing the child care needs of various New York City communities.

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